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Where to get a little R & R in the OKC

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

At least once a quarter we take time for a quick getaway in our wonderful city. Our latest escape landed us at an oldie but a goodie.

The Renaissance Waterford has a big outdoor pool, lounge chairs and restaurant and bar service poolside if you would like to take advantage of that. We were looking for somewhere to stay before Memorial Day and the outdoor pools were not open at most hotels I called. The Waterford saved the day in May and again when we returned in August.

Behind the check-in. Love the details.

The rooms are nice and they have had some updating recently in the lobby and it looks super swanky and perfectly styled.

We spent the first night we were married at the Waterford (almost 20 years ago) so it has a warm spot in our hearts. 

We will drop kids at school and have a sitter (or wonderful grandparents) meet them after school and get them back on the bus in the morning. They see us the next day when they get off the bus and we have maximized two school days and gotten a 32 hour mini vacation.

Here’s a tip:

How we extend our getaways:

  1. Get kids dropped at school

  2. Begin the day date

  3. Catch a good movie

  4. Family/sitter gets kids from school

  5. Check into hotel

  6. Family/sitter gets kids to school the next morning

  7. Sleep in

  8. Enjoy day date no. 2

  9. Home in time to pick the kids back up

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